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Get a 360° view of your finances

Connect your accounts, assets, savings, investments, borrowing and pensions

With Open Banking technology, manual account/asset linking, and Zoopla integration, Mercer Money enables you to see all your finances together at the same time, and to track your net worth. Transactions and balances are updated as they happen, so you're always in touch with the way your money is moving.

Set and track spending budgets

Analyse your spending habits, and set, meet and beat your budgeting goals

By connecting and adding all your different accounts and assets, Mercer Money helps you to categorise your incomings and outgoings, curate your spending, and figure out your money habits. The more you find out, the easier it is to pick up good habits and ditch bad ones.

Take control of your finances, conveniently

Download the Mercer Money app today

The Mercer Money app (available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices) means your holistic financial picture, and all your accounts and assets, are just a tap away - no need to remember multiple usernames and passwords. Mercer Money is also available as a secure desktop site, compatible with all modern browsers.

It's safe and secure

Peace of mind with bank-level security and complete confidentiality

No one except you can access your financial details in Mercer Money, not even your employer or our customer support team. To access your Mercer Money account, a password, pin-code, or biometric ID must be provided - this is further supplemented by multi-factor authentication. Finally, Mercer Money is managed by Moneyhub, who are an FCA-approved Open Banking Account Information Service Provider (AISP) – so you’re fully protected.

Supporting your pension planning

Track your retirement savings and plan for your future with confidence

Bring details of all your pension pots together in Mercer Money, see the critical role that your pension accounts play in your wider finances, and use our Retirement Calculator to get a handle on how your retirement savings are shaping up.

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