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See the big money picture

Sync your accounts, savings, investments, borrowing and pensions.

Mercer Money allows you to see all your finances together, across all devices. Transactions are updated as they happen, so you're always in touch with your money.

Plan, track and smash your goals

Analyse your money habits and find smart ways to set, meet and beat your goals.

Bringing together the latest banking technology with guidance tailored to you, Mercer Money helps you figure out your money habits. The more you find out, the easier it is to pick up good habits and ditch bad ones.

Make your money work harder

Take control and do more with your money.

Mercer Money can identify the things you need to work on and nudge you in the right direction.

Live well now and in the future

Live for today and plan for your future with confidence.

Bring details of all your pension pots together in Mercer Money's Retirement Calculator to see how your retirement savings are shaping up.

It's safe and secure

Enjoy bank standard security and complete confidentiality.

No one except you can access your details in Mercer Money, not even your employer or our customer support team.

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